Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (IMPC)

Information about the IMPC

For a better understanding of the services and research work which is provided by IMPC, we provider here a short tutorial about space weather and ionosphere, the concept and design of the IMPC, a list of partners who are cooperating with IMPC, and a list of journal publications related to IMPC research and services. Furthermore, we like to inform about the scope of rights and obligations related to the IMPC services and terms and conditions of use.
Space Weather and Ionosphere
Here, we present a short tutorial about the space weather and ionosphere.
Concept and design of IMPC
The "Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center" (IMPC) developed and operated by DLR provides a near real-time information and data service on the current state of the ionosphere, related forecasts and warnings. Being the successor of the well-established Space Weather Application Center – Ionosphere (SWACI), IMPC now provides considerably improved ionosphere weather information and forecasts and additionally provides the SWACI long term data archive.
IMPC interacts with a number of partners. On the one hand, we are exchanging data and on the other hand, we are investigating the user needs in order to enhance our development activities.
The scientific expertise of the IMPC team is demonstrated by the continuous publications in scientific journals. A subset of these publications is listed here.
The IMPC disclaimer specifies or delimits the scope of rights and obligations that may be occur during the usage of the IMPC website and the IMPC products.
Terms and conditions of use
In any case you plan to use IMPC material please consider the IMPC terms and conditions of use.