Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center

License Agreement

For the Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (IMPC)

The final IMPC data are freely available for scientific use. However, DLR who is maintaining the IMPC has allocated a considerable amount of resources to provide high-quality data. The user agrees to the following terms:

  1. The licensor grants to the licensee a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to retrieve and use data sets and products from the IMPC service in accordance with this license.
  2. Retrieval, by electronic download, and the use of data sets is free of charge, unless otherwise stipulated.
  3. Regardless of whether the data are quality controlled or not, IMPC and the data source do not accept any liability for the correctness and/or appropriate interpretation of the data. Interpretation should follow scientific rules and is always the user’s responsibility. Correct and appropriate data interpretation is solely the responsibility of data users.
  4. We request data users in case of a substantial use of IMPC data to consider to offer a co-authorship to such IMPC team members who may have a potential interest in the study. This shall not restrict the research area nor delay the publication process, but promote fruitful scientific co-operation.
  5. If the data are used in publications and presentations, the IMPC service must properly be acknowledged mentioning that the “Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center” (IMPC) is operated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) at the Neustrelitz location. In any papers or presentations using IMPC data, an acknowledgement such as "We thank DLR who is maintaining the IMPC services." has to be added.
  6. When the data shall be redistributed, the licensee has to ensure the acceptance of the license agreement by third parties.
  7. If new products are derived from IMPC data sets, the licensee has to give proper credit to IMPC when publishing and/or distributing the new product.
  8. Data users must respect any and all restrictions on the use or reproduction of data. The use or reproduction of data for commercial purpose requires prior written permission from the IMPC Principle Investigator (PI).
  9. The information on IMPC service are in the public domain, unless specifically annotated otherwise, and may be used freely by the public. Before using information obtained from this service, special attention should be given to the date and time of the data and products being displayed. This information shall not be modified in content and then presented as official material.
  10. Users are requested to inform IMPC user helpdesk of any problems encountered with data provision. Such a feedback will increase the availability and quality of the data.
  11. The licensor may withdraw from the agreement if licensee provides false information about himself or herself or does not keep this information up-to-date.
  12. The licensee can withdraw from the license agreement at any time, with the consequence that his account will be deleted and the license agreement will no longer exist except for the terms 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The obligations from these points remain valid even after the termination of the contract.