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New release of the IMPC webportal

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Today, we introduce a new release of the IMPC webportal with many new features. This shows, the transition from the prototype webportal of the Space Weather Application Center - Ionosphere (SWACI) is progressing.  

Now, a number of familar SWACI products are provided in the "Products and Archives" section in dedicated product websites. Here, the latest data and images are provided along with enhanced product descriptions, quality material and online archives. 

For a better understanding of the services and research work which is provided by IMPC, we introduce an extensive "About" section, which provides a short tutorial about space weather and ionosphere, the concept and design of the IMPC, a list of partners who are cooperating with IMPC, and a list of journal publications related to IMPC research and services. Furthermore, we like to inform about the scope of rights and obligations related to the IMPC services and terms and conditions of use.

The news section presents the up to date information about ongoing activities not only in IMPC but also important news about European activities.

An important fundament of the IMPC is the participation in scientific projects. IMPC is involved in numerous projects, because it enhances networking with the international scientific community and with users. The "Projects" section presents a short description about the IMPC involvement in federal and European projects.

If visitors and users of the IMPC webportal need help, we provide a "FAQ" section and additional support by contacting the IMPC user help desk.

Credits: DLR