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Presentation of IMPC and Ionosphere Expert Service Centre at the European Space Weather Week

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The IMPC-team attended the 13th European Space Weather Week, which took place November 14-18, 2016 in Oostende (Belgium). At this conference, we were not only present to demostrate the status of IMPC but also in the role of the coordinator of the Expert Service Centre Ionospheric Weather (I-ESC) in the <link http: external-link-new-window internal link in current>ESA Space Weather network. 

The ESWW is the main annual event in the European Space Weather calendar. It is the European forum for Space Weather as proven by the high attendance to the past editions. The agenda was composed of plenary/parallel sessions, working meetings and dedicated events for service end-users. The ESWW had again adopted the central aim of bringing together the diverse groups in Europe working on different aspects of Space Weather.

The meeting has been coordinated by the Belgian <link _blank>Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE)</link>, <link _blank>ESA</link> and the <link _blank>Space Weather Working Team</link>. The local organisation was done by the STCE. 

The IMPC-team organized two fair stands one for IMPC and one for the Ionosphere Expert Service Centre (I-ESC). The aim was to demonstrate the progress of both centers and to get in touch with users. Both fair stands were frequently visited by interested users and scientists.

Additionally, the following presentations and sessions have been (co-)organized and presented by the IMPC-team:

  • Session: Space Weather effects on GNSS and precise positioning
    Claudia Borries, J. Berdermann (German Aerospace Center)
  • Session: SSA Space Weather Service Network
    Erwin De Donder (BISA), Alexi Glover (ESOC), Michel Kruglanski (BISA), Norma Crosby (BISA), Jesse Andries (ROB), Claudia Borries (DLR), Daniel Martini (NOSWE-TGO), Chris Perry (RAL)
  • Working meeting: Definition and Development Plan of the Expert Service Centre Ionospheric Weather Claudia Borries (DLR)
  • Presentation: Borries, C et al. "Contributions of the Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center to the space weather services"
  • Presentation: Wilken, V et al. "The Ionospheric Disturbance IndeX (DIX)"
  • Presentation: Borries, C et al. "Harmonisation of Validation and Verification procedures within the Space Weather Network in the framework of the Space Situation Awareness Programme"
  • Poster: Hoque, M et al. "Estimates of ionospheric higher order effects during quiet and perturbed ionospheric condition"
  • Poster: Sato, H et al. "Midlatitude Ionospheric density depletion and its impacts on GNSS during geomagnetic storm"
Credits: STCE