Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center

Neustrelitz Beacon TEC Data

The Beacon receiver in Neustrelitz (53.3°N / 13.1°E / 116 m) is monitoring TEC since 2007. The relative, i.e. uncalibrated TEC, is derived by computing the differential phase of both transmitted signals at 150 and 400 MHz.

Next to measuring the signal strength, the scintillation index S4, a measure of signal strength fluctuations, is also presented. Furthermore the projected measurement path between the beacon receiver at DLR Neustrelitz and the respective satellite is shown.


Product Specification

External partiesnone
Data providersTBD
Input dataTBD
Input sampling ratesTBD
Reliability of data sourceData is preprocessed by DLR 
Region of sensorsGermany
SensorsNeustrelitz 53.33°, 13.070°, 115 m,   0 hrs
Single layer shell height400 km
Spatial resolutionn.a.
Boundaries of gridn.a.
Temporal resolutionn.a.
Time informationUTC Time
Reference coordinate systemECEF coordinate system with WGS84 reference ellipsoid

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